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RB2 Network

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Deception ToolKit (DTK) (1106KB) a toolkit designed to give defenders a couple of orders of magnitude advantage over attackers
John Ripper (497KB) passwords cracker
Invisible Keylogger for Win95 (800KB)
GIF Encrypt Info (1349KB)
COPS 1.04 (285KB) ( Computer Oracle & Password System) checks for Unix misconfigurations.
NetCat (74KB) tool which read and write data across network connections, using TCP or UDP protocol.
Port Scanner for Windows (755KB)
Satan 1.1.1 (370KB) Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
The Internet Security Scanner (56KB) scans subnets and collects info. about hosts.
Strobe 1.03 (32KB) Scans TCP ports on a target host and reveals which daemons are running.
Tcp Wrappers 7.6 (98KB)
News Grabber (500KB)